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About TLG Living

About The Little Garden Living (TLG Living)

Our story

Founded by Ms Cynthia Wong since May 2013 in Hong Kong, The Little Garden Living has been experiencing rapid business development and changes. In 2018, we decided to redefine the Mission of TLG Living in order to reflect our future development in meeting the needs of Hongkongers :

"The Little Garden Living advocates the alternative lifestyle from personal to business level by providing organic farming, garden design and gardening,  nature related products and services to those who seek freedom and authenticity through nature. "


Our Motto :

"Sparking the Passion for the Alternative Lifestyle in the wisdom of Mother Nature." 

With the background in organic farming movement, Cynthia started The Little Garden Organic Farm  by leveraging on the opportunity of living in village where she learns the valuable knowledge of traditional farming techniques from the local farmers on daily basis. We are pioneer in researching, growing and marketing of edible flowers in local market. We advocate the use and save of local organic seeds as a mean to maintain biodiversity and local village culture and values. We create the "real farm to tea pot" organic herbal tea brand -- Present ! Organic Tea -- in an abandoned farmhouse and farmland. We proud of our high quality farm products which are 100% grown in Hong Kong soil. 


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About Cynthia Wong 

Ms Cynthia Wong has been serving Hong Kong organic farming field for over 10 years. Prior to starting TLG Living, she was a former editorial consultant for a few local green NGOs and was a former political reporter in local newspaper. Cynthia also has great passion in garden design, she makes efforts in balancing the production, biodiversity and aesthetics needs in her farm and gardens.

Credential :

  • Advanced Professional Diploma in Garden Design and Management of CUHK

  • Certificate in Landscape Design in HKUSPACE

  • 3 Organic farming courses 

  • Graduate Dip. in Business Management, Monash University 

  • B.A. Social Science, Lingnan University

  • 15 years of gardening and farming experience in different areas : gardening and soil, basic horticultural therapy, rose management, bonsai, daffodil carving to flower arrangement, etc.

  • 10 years of organic farming experience


Others : 

Cynthia was formerly a news reporter and editor. She also provided editorial consultation (content development) services for local green NGOs and companies on different projects, including:

  • Setting up an organization E-newsletter for Partnerships for Community Development (a sister organization of Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden);

  • Developing contents and webpages  for Community Supported Agriculture Project

  • Providing editorial services for the 10th anniversary brochure of Sustainable Ecology Ethical Development Foundation (SEED);

  • Revamping quarterly magazine and setting up organization E-newsletter and webpages for Produce Green Foundation; and

  • Providing consultation and menu introductory write-up for local produces and drinks, Sohofama Restaurant Bar, PMQ.

About Cynthia Wong
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