Little Memories : The most adorable cat in ST-154

Her name is Little Bat Girl. The 2nd cat I encountered in ST-154, the days that I was still working as an editorial consultant for agricultural field.

Her name is Little Bat Girl (小蝙蝙2011-2012), she is the cat I love the most. Soooooo clever, gentle and sharp ! She was the second cat I encountered in ST-154 (ST, means Sheung Tsuen and 154 is the no. of the farmhouse), there were total 5 cats that came to the old farm house while I was still a freelance editorial consultant / writer-editor for different local agricultural-related projects.

All the cats belonged to my former neighbour Mr. Au, but they loved to stay at my workplace and gradually became my daytime working partners in the tranquil village. Mr. Au has the knowledge to choose good cats -- they all love catching rats and snakes, it is one of the most important talents for a cat to have a home in the village. I'm a dog person before I meet them. I don't like cat but these little creatures change me in 4 years. I admire their independence, alertness, sometimes they are really gentle to me ... ... and they always remind me that "you are being treated the way you ask for."

Just like the cat Neichoi I bring home now, they were all "free-ranged" cats. They play and meet friends day time in the village and back home at evening. Some people think it's not good for pets as it is dangerous stay outside, but I do think if I were the cats I'd love to go anywhere I want in day time. And it's so wonderful if I have food and shelter at night ! Such a good life !

Little Bat Girl disappeared after I had business trip to Taiwan, the owner told me she was crashed by a car ... ... I cired 4 days and felt this was unbearable and unfair !! However, time flies I find this is the reality in village living. I'm so happy that I met this little adorable princess in my life.

※喵喵喵... ... ST-154我最喜愛的花猫──小蝙蝙※

好想作點小回顧, 因為這是人生中很有趣的經驗。 在跟鄰居歐先生的猫接觸前, 我很害怕猫, 我能夠想像的就是他們的爪子和高傲的態度, 我喜歡熱情忠誠的狗。 然而,歐先生的5隻花猫改變了我的想法!

歐先生的猫大多沒有名字, 但歐先生是選猫專家── 每一隻都十分健康、聰明醒目和在捉小動物上十分勤快... ... 白天歐先生去上班, 小猫不知從屋子那裡跑到街上, 她們每一隻都走進小花園, 先是自顧自的在椅子、桌子上睡覺, 然後跑到我的腳底下睡, 冬天的時候就直接跳到我的大腿上取暖... ...

我逐一替她們起名字, 照片這隻叫小蝙蝙, 她的樣子就像戴了蝙蝠俠的眼罩一樣! 我喜歡她樣子和性格很大氣(很有氣度), 而她的性格亦十分討好, 她會捉老鼠、蛇和各種小動物, 卻從來沒有抓過我... ...^^ 人們說這種動物很有「性」大概就是「靈性」的意思。 你看她的樣子多麼的帥氣呢!

猫仔在這六年以同一形式出現, 卻以不同形式消失。 她們教曉我「當下」、「無常」和「因緣」, 我感到這種種相遇並不是偶然的, 她們每一個的性格也不盡相同, 但每一個都共同讓我認識到: 「是我們決定別人怎樣對待自己的。不要抱怨!」

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