Time to make Basil seeds vinegar│羅勒種子醋

Traditionally, experienced gardeners and farmers would trim the basil flowers before they turn into seed pods, this practise can extend the growth period of the plants. In Hong Kong, Sweet basil planted in open area cannot brave the winter north wind and wilt around early or mid Dec., but if they are planted in southern area , most of them can go dormant and regrow in March. With climate change effect, some gardeners can now harvest the Thai basil leaves in Dec. while they are flowering at the same time. The tolerance of Thai basil seems much better than Sweet basil in local climate.

I would harvest the seeds when they are 40% mature and let them dry for around 10 days. Then I would harvest the seeds. For the seed skin, I just love their aroma, the form and shape, especially the purple color basil. I would infuse them with organic apple cider vinegar in a clean and used wide-mouth bottle. I prefer to use smaller bottles so that I can send to more friends as gifts. I hope they would feel a little bit of nature when they sprinkle this basil seed vinegar to their salad. ^^

"Lovingly create Nature in daily life"


There are lots of information about the health benefits and side effects of basil seeds on internet. We recommend you to use mainly the seed skin for aroma and taste, we don't recommend for long-term dosage as medicine.

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