Organic Orange Cacao Raw Cake | 有機橙香可可蛋糕

Citrus season is coming to town !!

I'm longing for the fragrance of the orange zest,

to refresh my mind,

to clean the dusty air from the northern mainland in this winter time... ...

And this is the festive season,

the mood of chocolate is all over every corner in the town.

God makes a perfect arrangement !

In my young age I was not allowed to eat fresh orange.

I eat steam orange most of the time, sounds weird ?

This is a special home remedy for weak people with respiration problem, like asthma.

I hate the steam one and long for the fresh.

The days when asthma no longer an issue,

But I can't remember the day I taste the real fresh orange for the first time.

The feelings should be the same as today when I find organic orange for the first time --

Blessing !

I love orange, the original taste --

The freshness, sweet and sour taste, the juice ... ...

In my young age, we could easily buy quality oranges just around the street corner.

But now it becomes a professional skill and knowledge to get it from special channels.

I feel desperated for the situation,

though on the good side, the situation creates some new professions and business opportunities.

The organic fruit industry is booming in Hong Kong.

There are some local farmers trying to find citrus species that can be grown in local climate.

But still the supply is very limited.

I purchase orange in local organic shop, they are from Australia.

I don't know if it is because the hazard effect happened because of monoculture in Califonia USA the supply from California is dropping dramatically.

I like these Australian organic oranges, they have natural orange taste.

The most important part of making this cake is making the candied orange peels.

I infuse a small amount of blue agave into the orange peels,

and put them in refrigerator overnight.

You can mix the candied orange peels with other ingredients in the the frosting layers.

Actually, this raw cake ingredients are similar to the cranberry raw cake ,

except that the top frosting is organic unsweetened cacao powder.

This superfood is loaded with manganese, copper, potassium, zinc... ...

They are good for strengthen immune system and bone health.

The health benefits of cacao powder is totally different from chocolate powder you find in common supermarkets and bakery shops. You should be aware the differences.

The shops that I buy my unsweetened organic cacao powder are (this is not a join promotion) :

Green Hub

Green Concept

"Lovingly creates Nature in daily life."

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