TLG Farm Move in the process│農場搬遷通告

Farm Move in Process

With rapid land development in Sheung Tsuen, we are concerning the pollution both in underground water and drainage. They will become soil pollution in the foreseeable future. Since we strive to uphold the highest organic farming standard, we choose to leave Sheung Tsuen where Cynthia Wong, the founder, starts the humble local organic herbal tea business.

The supply of Present ! Organic Tea will be suspended for a short period of time.

Thanks for your support over the past years!

We look forward to growing and producing more high quality herbal tea

for our beloved Hongkongers in the unpolluted new land.

To make pre-order for the future Present ! Organic Tea or other enquiry,

please contact us : / WhatsApp: 852-60902525

If you are new to Present ! Organic Tea,

you may want to know our brand story, please visit :

The Little Garden Living:

More information :

Click here to learn : Brand Story of "Present ! Organic Tea"

Click here to learn : Background of TLG Organic Farm founder Ms Cynthia Wong





"當下! 有機茶"亦因此將會短暫停止供應,

不便之處, 敬請原諒 !

歡迎預先採購"當下 ! 有機茶",

請聯絡我們: / WhatsApp: 60902525


按此 : 了解"當下! 有機茶"的緣起經過

按此:了解小花園有機農場負責人Cynthia Wong背景資料

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