Local papaya, Anthony Bourdain and Mission of TLG Living

A kind fruit seller pick a nice papaya for me ! Delicious.

While I taste this lovely local papaya after swimming, I think of Anthony Bourdain.

Anyone with a free spirit reads his book 'Kitchen Confidential' would love this guy. I read this book ten years ago and still remember one thing: Never go for a buffet on Monday! Even it is a 5 star restaurant. Honest, authentic, intelligent and humorous people are so rare nowadays, who doesn't miss him? Rather than feeling sad, I would respect and celebrate his decision. He has a beautiful soul, he would never be a weak person in my heart.

Photo from FB: Anthony in Star Ferry, Hong Kong

From local food culture to consumerism

I can vibrate with him for his exploration spirit. He explores local food and food culture which local people take them for granted and not treasure any more. He appreciates the local food and takes them to a new level. I think he has a hidden agenda to help keep local food culture, he has compassion to people around him. His respects for local food culture resonate with the mission of my business which I have never written down but did tell my tea guests – ‘We have already got what we need to live a good life, the only issue is we just don’t enjoy them to the fullest. People just don’t know how to appreciate what they have and don’t know how to leverage on them to attract abundance.’ As the modern slavery system requires continuous consumerism in the public mass so as to sustain wealth for a few corporations, people are unconsciously bombarded by advertisements and opinion leaders (so-called KOL) through all kinds of media that they don’t even aware in daily life.

Philosophy behind TLG Living

This is why The Little Garden Living set out with an idea of promoting local traditional culture by leveraging on an old farm house and abandoned farmland. My company successfully re-invents the value of a few local plants and maximize their economic values to an unprecedented level. We are the pioneer in the local edible flower market and establishing a benchmark in local organic farming practise. Some people think it is about marketing and branding, it is. But without the willingness and enthusiasm to put effort to investigate the local culture, no one can fake a miracle! I think it’s all about identity and how much we respect ourselves.

Second choice for swimming. Sea is always the best !

Ooooop , the lovely papaya ... ...

In agricultural countries, the knowledge of picking good fruits is kind of common sense to local people. Of course, as a traveller from a city, I don't have that common sense. So I develop a skill to read the seller. Actually, this papaya I bought wasn't chosen by me, I chose one but the seller picked this one for me. My gut told me she would choose a good one and it was !

I eat the papaya meat, he eats the seed. Fair deal.

I know I am a blessed person but still this luck involves some kind of travelling experience. Like Anthony Bourdain, I love local grass-root culture especially in agricultural countries. Apart from the gourmet made by the freshest produce, it's about subculture, religion, tradition, social norms ... ... each interaction with the local people that immense me in another world. The daily interaction sends message about the political and socio-economic situation of that place, and if you dig deeper you’ll find we are all affected by international politics. But if you go to shopping malls, you can never feel. Anyway, maybe you don’t care. That is OK with me. ^^

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