Important Clarification on our Address│關於地址的重要澄清

//Important Clarification from The Little Garden Living (TLG Living)//

Recently, we discover there are people/ company posting the old address of TLG Living at least in two business searching websites AFTER WE LEFT the old farm house,

e.g. :…

In the past month, we tried to contact the website admin but there was no response.

So we need to make clarification that we left the old farm house, No.154 Sheung Tsuen, in Nov. 2017. Since there are some enquiries from Hong Kong and other countries, so we would like to clarify that the company now operates in the same location, ie No. 154 Sheung Tsuen, HAS NO WHATSOEVER BUSINESS RELATIONS WITH TLG LIVING.

Our business is under transformation. If you are interested in organic farming, Hong Kong products, garden design and knowledge of how to live a good life... ... you may LIKE this page to get news update. We are happy to provide you with best products and services.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Founder and owner of TLG Living Cynthia Wong


基於我們發現最近有公司或個人在。我。們。搬。離。八鄉上村154號。後, 把這個舊業務地址放到最少兩個互聯網商業搜尋網站上, 其中一個:… 我們過去一個月曾嘗試聯絡該網站, 但並沒有回應。


現時在上村154號青專屋營運的公司, 與「小花園生活公司」並。無。關。係!


小花園生活公司負責人 Cynthia Wong

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