My Weird Habits

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Interesting people have weird habits.

We love to enjoy the alternative lifestyle.

I enjoy reading strangers' old letters, postcards, big plans written on tissue papers, unfinished drawings on envelopes, handcrafted antique bookmarks ... ...

I collected and sent them to some weird friends.

I discovered these stories in second hand book shops, vintage coffee shops, flea markets, drawers in abandoned antiques, old picture frames ... ...

The lingering secret stories brought me to the parallel space.

I observe their use of words, their social class, the fashions, the smell, their whispers, the flow of thinking, the social and economic situations of time, the value of those people ... ...

So I do.

I hid one somewhere in different places I called home.

For that little secret in that state of mind probably will never appear again.

I feel History ridicules our attachments to the outer world.

It makes life easier, lighter and more fun.

So next time we meet, please tell me your little weird habits.

Photo : Flea market at Avignon, Provence

by Cynthia Wong#tlgliving #cythiawong #我關心什麼 #flowstate #blissfulstate #純然的我 #alternativelifestyle #thelittlegardenliving

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