New Motto, New Name Card. Same Mission.

After one and a half year of long voyage,

I 'm here again in the matrix world -- Hong Kong.

I have a different value system than my favorite people here.

That's way I advocate an "Alternative lifestyle".

I hope we can be weird in our different ways,

and we can accept each other's perspective of this world.

In view of all the challenges I face,

I hope I can rise like a lotus.

I start to carefully study the challenges I face,

it is not mine.

It is someone who faced all the same challenges,

but they couldn't figure out how to manage it better.

They want to me to find a creative way for them.

I feel they will amaze of how I response to it .

I decided I won't be affected by this negative energy ,

instead I will feel it and leverage on it.

I hope I can create something meaningful to contribute to this world,

and let those in this similar situation know that they can rise from the challenges.

I hope you like my new motto and find you are not alone.

Contact Cynthia if you find you want to know more.

email : WhatsApp: +852 9614 5838

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